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1.we have to enter answer101 

You have to scroll down until you find this

Screenshot (79).png

You're going to have to press

Screenshot (81).png

Here we can find the courses section

Screenshot (85).png

Right now we only have 3, press any of the 3

Screenshot (92).png

press join

Screenshot (95).png

Or you can go to the bottom and press join

Screenshot (96).png

Here we can register, or we can register with Google or Facebook

Screenshot (99).png

Here you can press start and it will start from the number 1

Screenshot (135).png

In this part you can see all the videos, but you will not see them until you have seen the one above, or have passed the exam

Screenshot (136).png

You also have a bar to know how much you have progressed

Screenshot (115).png

At the end of watching the videos, there is an exam

Screenshot (120).png

Where will you put your email to give you the result

Screenshot (130).png
Screenshot (132).png

press the button to get the result

Screenshot (123).png
Screenshot (134).png
Screenshot (121).png
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