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Scripturally Based Answers For life's Questions

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Click-Mark 16:16-20

The casting out of evil spirits never came into existence until Jesus went into ministry while He was on earth. There is evidence of the spirits existing under the old covenant, but they were never out in the open like they were when Jesus started to minister, why? The Old Testament teaches us about the effects of evil spirts, what their influence and works look like in people, and the New Testament reveals them in person. Their access to people in sin, and therefore the sin that gives them access to people, had to be described before they were allowed to manifest themselves in person. The old covenant is a physical demonstration of a spiritual world, the new covenant is the manifestation of that spiritual world. In other words, the old covenant is primarily physical or practical, and the new covenant is primarily spirit. Under the New Testament, what can see the motivation spirits behind the behaviour of people. This does not mean that people do not choose good or evil, or are good or bad themselves, it just means that there is a world of powers behind each one, and that is what is manifested in the spiritual world.

So, to answer the question about casting out of evil spirits, there are two aspects to consider. First, Jesus came to defeat them and in Him, we have the full authority to cast them out. Evil spirits are led by the Devil and seek to overcome God and His following. Jesus did not just come to deal with sin, He defeated the evil spiritual world that was the motivation for brining sin into this world and thereby seeking to destroy God’s creation. (Click-Hebrews 2:14, 15) so, first of all there is the right to cast out bad spirits and that right comes from Jesus Christ. Their power was taken away from them by Him, and is given to us by His name.

Secondly, it is sin that gives them power. God showed us the sin before He showed us the spirits, and in that order we must deal with them. We cannot cast out spirits in people that wants the sin that gives the spirits the power to possess. People who want to be free from evil spirits must confess the sin that binds them to the spirits first, and then the spirit can be cast out by the name of Jesus.

People may not know the specific sin, but they must be willing to confess, believe and receive Jesus and have God live within them. They must surrender to Him for the spirits to leave.

Click-Matthew 12:43-45

If you want to have Christ in your heart, Trust Him and Believe in Him

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