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Answer (Did God Create Evil) ( Name
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Answer - Did God Create Evil?

This is a question that people ask a lot. If God created all things He must have also created evil, and if He created evil, all evil deeds are essentially His fault. This is how we reason from our human minds; it is reasonable and logical to us, but deeper questions must have a deeper answer. Someone once said, “It takes a higher level of thinking to solve a problem than it does to create it.” That surely is true. It is easy to just blame God for the evil in the world, but that is just based on natural thinking. However, the truth requires greater attention.


The first question is, what is evil? Those who wonder if God actually created it would generally relate it to deeds done, or, at best, deeds done with the intention to destroy, and that is somewhat of an accurate description of it. It cannot be bound to specific deeds, though, because while some specific deeds, like murder, stealing, lying etc. are generally rooted in evil, evil itself is more of a motive than an act. The intent the act is meant for. I will steal from you, not because I need what you have, but because I want to hurt you thereby. Evil intent. Evil is also the opposite of good. Let’s say you have drugs that I know will kill you, and I steal them from you to save you from killing yourself. Now I am also stealing from you, but the intent is good, not evil. So, evil is not just actions, but much more rooted in motives.


Now, when God does something, He never has an evil intent. He says that His thoughts towards us are good. For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. CLICK-Jeremiah 29:11. What about

when He punishes a person? It is like a parent disciplining a child; it is for the child’s good and development. There is no evil there. However, when a parent abuses a child, that is evil and for the destruction of the child or for personal pleasure.


Where did evil come from, then? It is rooted in the devil and embraced by people. It is not what God created, but rather the very essence of what questions His creation. Evil does not describe His actions, evil is what questions His actions. So, did God create evil? No, evil is what opposes the fact that He created all things. Another example is done God creates the question, “Did God create all things?” No, the question is in response to His creation, not part of it. He created mankind with a great amount of freedom of choice, and within that freedom of choice, His creation can be questioned or supported. It was that open door that the devil used to question and introduce evil, and man uses it to embrace evil.


So, is freedom of choice the very essence of creation, or is it just the opportunity to praise God for His creation? I praise God that He will destroy all evil and His person and creation will no longer be questioned. It is only evil that questions what He is, does, and will do. The only hope for good is God.

If you want to have Christ in your heart, Trust Him and Believe in Him

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