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Scripturally Based Answers For life's Questions

AnswersDo You Know Jesus
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There are two aspects of knowledge. In many languages, they have two different words for them, but in English there is only one word for both facets. There is the informational side of knowledge—I know the way to the park, I know who so-and-so is, I have that information. Then there is the intimate and experiential aspect of knowledge—I don’t just know about him but know him personally; I have an experiential relationship with him; He is not just in my mind but in my life, in my heart, in my being. It is common for people to have information, facts, and even details on Jesus Christ but have no intimate knowledge of Him. There are the two Greek words in the Bible translated as “knowledge.”

 It is good to know and have information about Jesus. Like

CLICK-I John 3:5  That is great information about Jesus, but even a lost person could have that knowledge and still be lost; having an awareness about Him or knowing some details about Him saves no one.

CLICK-I John 5:19 This is wonderful knowledge to have, especially for the believer. Paul said,  CLICK-Philippians 3:10. Paul knew (had the information) about the Lord’s power, resurrection, fellowship and suffering, but he wanted to have such an intimate knowledge of the Lord that all those things would be experiential knowledge to him. In the few verses preceding this verse, he says, 

CLICK-Philippians 3:8, 9. He forsook all for that experiential knowledge of the Lord and His works and attributes. Do you know Jesus in that manner? Knowing about Jesus or accepting the facts about Jesus saves no one. One must know Jesus in a personal manner.


How can we know Him personally?


We must first know and accept the facts.












He is God—He said, CLICK-John 10:30

He is the Savior, CLICK-I John 4:14, 

With His death on the cross, He paid the penalty of all of our sins in full CLICK-Romans 5:8, 9











We are designed and created by God in His own image 

CLICK-Genesis 1:27

Through sin, we were separated from God and appointed for death—CLICK-Romans 5:12

We must accept and confess our guilt CLICK-I John 1:9









There are many verses in the Scriptures that clearly command all people to repent. It is something people must do before they can receive anything from God.

CLICK-Luke 5:32

CLICK-Acts 17:30


CLICK-Act's 3:19  CLICK-II Peter 3:9

What is repentance? It is a change of mind, a change of attitude, and a change of focus. When we hear the truth about God, we must change our mind on what we believed before and accept the truth as it is stated in God’s word. We must turn away from all human religions and works which are done with the intent to attain salvation for our souls and place our faith completely in Jesus Christ for eternal life. 

CLICK-John 3:16. If we have been ignoring or disrespecting God, we must change our attitude and give Him the proper respect and attention He requires and deserves. If our focus has been on anything other than God, we must turn our focus toward Him. He is the very center of life and offers salvation from condemnation. Jesus said,  

CLICK-Mark 1:15.

Repentance does away with all the things that stand in the way of having a clear and real relationship with God through Jesus.







CLICK-I John 5:12. It is not just knowing about Jesus, or accepting the truth about Him; it is having Him in one’s life.

CLICK-John 1:12


CLICK-Mark 8:35, 36  We often try to build our life, keep our life, or even try to preserve our life, but all that will only cause us to lose it. But when we lose it in, and for the Lord; we find eternal life in Him.

 CLICK-Romans 10:9-13

We must know and accept who and what Jesus Christ is, and what He has done for the Salvation of mankind.

We must know and accept who and what Jesus Christ is, and what He has done for the Salvation of mankind.

We must know and accept who we are, and how our sin has condemned us.

We must know and accept who we are, and how our sin has condemned us.

We must repent.

We must repent.

We must receive Jesus into our life.

We must receive Jesus into our life.

If you want to have Christ in your heart, Trust Him and Believe in Him

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