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Scripturally Based Answers For life's Questions

Answer (God the Son)God The Son
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Answer-God the Son

It is often wondered who Jesus Christ is, especially amongst religious people. That He indeed is God is very unreasonable to the natural human mind, even from a religious perspective—where many make certain people out to be gods—it is questioned and not understood. Some religions teach that we will all become gods if we follow their religion, yet they do not believe that God became a man; this they claim to be unreasonable. The question is, why would those who hold to the Christian faith hold so strongly to the idea that Jesus Christ is indeed God in the flesh and also the Son of God? I do believe that a reasonable explanation is necessary and can be given. 

Here are some questions I have heard people ask concerning the matter of who Jesus Christ is:

  • ¿Is He God or the Son of God?

  • ¿Is He a Prophet or God?

  • ¿Has He always been God, or did He become a god?

  • ¿Did He truly rise from death?

There is a passage in the Scriptures where Jesus addresses the issue of who He is. 

CLICK-Matthew 16:13-19, 










CLICK-II Peter 1:16—18,









Jesus said, 

CLICK-John 10:30 

Here is a list of ways Jesus declared His equality with God the Father, and how to believe in and have a relationship with one of them was to believe in and have a relationship with both. Please take the time and look up all these passages in the Bible.

To know Him is to know the Father

CLICK-John 8:12-19, CLICK-John14:7 

To see Him is to see the Father  CLICK-John 14:1-9,

CLICK-John 1:18 

To have Him is to have the Father

CLICK-II John 1:9, CLICK-John 14:20-24

To hear Him is to hear the Father CLICK-John 3:30-36,

CLICK-John 5:25-40,

CLICK-Matthew 17:1-8

To obey Him is to obey the Father

CLICK-John 14:21-24, CLICK-II John 1:9

To love Him is to love the Father CLIC-K-John 15:23

To honor Him is to honor the Father CLICK-John 5:19-27

To deny Him is to deny the Father CLICK-I John 2:22-25 

To hate Him is to hate the Father CLICK-John 15:23-25

To be His is to be the Father's CLICK-John 17:8-11

To have His doctrine is to have the Father's doctrine

CLICK-John 7:14-19 

To reject Him is to reject the Father CLICK-John 12:48-50,

CLICK-John 13:19, 20 

To embrace Him is to embrace the Father CLICK-John 17:13-26








“And the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a dove upon Him, and a voice came from heaven which said, You are My beloved Son; in You, I am well pleased."CLICK-Luke 3:22

CLICK-John 15:26 

CLICK-I John 5:6-13,

CLICK-Matthew 1:18-23,










CLICK-Isaiah 7:14

CLICK-Isaiah 9:6








CLICK-Romans 9:5

CLICK-John 1:1-5, 

CLICK-John 1:14-16 

CLICK-John 1:18









CLICK-I John 5:9, 10 

Throughout the history of mankind there have been people that have declared, proclaimed, stood for and died for the truth that God saved their soul and that Jesus is their Savior and that He is God Himself. How can they be so strong? They have a witness within them. God the Spirit dwells within them and confirms the teaching of the Scriptures that Jesus indeed is God and the Savior of the world. 









In doctrine

The Bible is a book of doctrine; meaning that it is not just a book that affirms a certain lifestyle, proclaims a philosophy or is just given to regulate order, but it is a book with one overall message, one overall purpose and one overall plan. It declares a person, not just an idea, and all of that is intertwined throughout it in the form of doctrine. This means that every part of the Bible announces or demonstrates a certain aspect of God and His plan of redemption for mankind. The doctrine describes His character, His plan, His ways and His purpose for it all. The doctrine of God does not only reveal what He is teaching, but also who He is. When Jesus came, there was already a group of people that awaited Him and fully believed Him to be the Messiah, the Son of the living God, the Redeemer. ¿Why? ¿Why did they not question Him, wait for Him to prove Himself, to show Himself? They understood the doctrine of the old covenant. Jesus had, through all the different aspects of it, fully been declared in it. Where He was going to be born, what He was going to do, who He was, what He was going to accomplish and on and on. Jesus is the Messiah, the Savior, the Christ, the hope for mankind and God Himself according to the doctrine of the Scriptures.  

And we know that the Son of God has come and has given us an understanding, that we may know Him who is true; and we are in Him who is true, in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God and eternal life. CLICK-I John 5:20   











CLICK-John 14:10, 11

There were many people that questioned the claims of Jesus, of Him being God, of Him being the Messiah, of Him being from God, His teachings, His ways, etc. because they just did not understand what He was teaching or His claims. But He simply told them if they struggled to believe Him based on His teaching, they were just supposed to look at what He was doing. Like His teachings, His practices also declared Him to be God, the Messiah, the Christ, the Son of the living God. 

In power

Jesus rebuked the wind, cast out evil spirits, walked on water, read the minds of people, appeared out of nowhere, raised the dead, spoke as God with full authority, faced the Devil personally and defeated him—the only one to ever do that—and from everything He did, the most surprising to the people of the time was that He forgave sin, for they knew that only God could do so. These are only a few of many ways He demonstrated the power of God. There were other prophets that did many of these things, but there were differences, and those differences were what declared Him to be God in human flesh. For example, He was the first one to heal a Jewish leper, He was the only one that had power over all creation, nature, evil forces and the human race. He had God’s powerfully within Him, yet He never worshiped God, and He received worship unlike all other prophets and servants of God. He declared that everything He did was with the power and authority of the Father; He did nothing on His own, yet from the Father the was no empowering but only extending favor. Likewise, he did not do any of the miracles for which He received specific power from God the Father as did other prophets, but He was demonstrating the power that was already within Him.  There is no record of God ever imputing Him with anything other than His favor. He came with all the attributes and abilities of God, for He came as whom He always was: God. To try to describe Him without His deity would be impossible, for had He been a false prophet He could not have done what He did, as Nicodemus recognized. CLICK-John 3:1, 2. And to declare Him solely God without His human element also leaves Him without the possibility to be described and explained. God placed Himself in a human form, with all the human elements other than the sin nature, and became the perfect substitute to give His life as a sacrifice to pay the just demands that the act of sin had caused. By so redeeming the human race and providing the opportunity for all to believe and receive this hope, He also demonstrated the perfect relationship and way of obedience He desires from all. He did what people cannot do so that they can do what they should do. He gave His life—for He had the ability to take it again—so that all can believe and live for Him.

CLICK-John 10:17, 18.    









Jesus demonstrated a beyond human discipline, a resistance to and power over sin, and an unselfish teaching and practice that the world had never seen before. Here is an example of His discipline. After His own people had turned against Him, His disciples had forsaken Him, witnesses had witnessed against Him, He was standing alone in front of the judge to be judged and condemned to hang on a cross to die. He had only one thing left to defend Himself, His own word. Everyone was wondering how He would defend Himself in the judgment. He was accused falsely, mistreated, abused, rejected, dishonored and forsaken. He had all the right to defend Himself, but like Isaiah chapter 53 explains, “He opened not his mouth.” When a person does something wrong, he naturally seeks to defend himself; when people are accused falsely, they do everything within their power to defend themselves. However, Jesus demonstrated a discipline that is not humanly possible. When asked about His choice not to defend Himself, He said this,

CLICK-John 18:36. He took the condemnation of the world without even saying a word. 

Here just a few examples of His character: no one has ever been able to discover one individual sin in Him, no acts of mistreatment of others or any lie in His character. He did not die because He was guilty; He died as a substitute for sinners. CLICK-II Corinthians 5:20, 21.










CLICK-John 5:19-29,       

¿How is He declared and proven to be God?

By God the Father

¿How is He declared and proven to be God?  By God the Father

By Himself

my Father and I are one.

By Himself  my Father and I are one.

By the Holy Spirit

By the Holy Spirit

By the prophets 

By the prophets 

By the apostles 

By the apostles 

By believers

By believers

¿How was He declared


In practice

In practice

In person

In person



If you want to have Christ in your heart, Trust Him and Believe in Him

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