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Answer (Someone's Freedom Your Bondage)Has Someone Else’s Freedom Become Your Bondage
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Answer – Homosexuality & Lesbianism

There is a strong push in the world these days to seek to make homosexual and lesbian relationships acceptable in society. We can expect this from the world, but what about within the Christian faith? There are groups within the faith that feel that God’s people should be open to the idea, should not be judgmental concerning the matter, and should at least accept those in such relationships. To just judge and condemn is not the way to address this issue, but let us consider a few things to help understand the issue and conflict concerning this subject.


When it comes to having things, no one will condemn another person for working a job and then buying things from the pay. Most people would consider that the right way to go about it, and believe it to be an expression of good character. The truth is, there is a right way and a wrong way. Most would consider stealing the wrong way, and that it also what God’s Word teaches. The point is, there is a right way and a wrong way in how things must be done. I have only given one example, but there are examples of that in every aspect of life, thus including how, and with whom we have relationships. We cannot have right and wrong in all areas of life, and not in how we have relationships with each other. God has a standard in that also, and we must honour that like in all areas of life.


I could say that there is no right any person ever has to be in government and from there rule a nation. We are all equal, and no person should ever have authority over another. This thinking is right when we only consider mankind, but when we include God, then there is another aspect. It is not one man ruling another, it is God having established authority structures whereby every person can submit himself to Him and experience His authority and protection. The whole idea by God is not so much about ruling the good as it is about controlling bad (Click-Romans 13:1-7). God established government to express His authority, and in like manner He established marriage and family to express His love. The family structure described in the Scriptures is the perfect way for all to learn about and experience God’s love.

You may say, there are many that abuse that structure, and there are many that are wicked and corrupt in government, and you be absolutely right. People seek to abuse and destroy everything God has established, and so are they doing with God’s established ways relationship must be had and built.  


When God designed and created mankind, He created them male and female (Click-Genesis 1:26-27) and within that He made them, and then enabled them to enjoy each other in intimate ways and produce children to manifest what God wants to do for mankind. Not only were they made in the image of God, and it says they were in the image of God male and female, meaning they both together manifest God’s image, but they were made for each other. They have strengths and weaknesses that will complete them in each other, and they are designed to fit together in pleasing each other and producing for God’s glory. Gender equal relationships cannot produce, neither do they have a natural way to come together. 


God is not favoring male over female or female over male, but He designed them that way to demonstrate Him and His salvation and mankind, and how He would bring hope to all of mankind. He is pictured as the husband, the bridegroom and mankind, specifically His people are pictured as the bride, the wife, and it is His seed that produces life in the bride, and she is used to bring forth fruit. Gender equal relationships mock God’s salvation for mankind. They have no way of showing where the good seed comes from, but rather mock God’s established ways.


The world has faced so much disease and wickedness from unnatural relationships, and still, they want to excuse them, claim that there are some good people in them, and therefore they are ok, or cover the bad that actually comes from them. We must learn from this. A relationship that is outside of God’s established entities is outside of God’s blessing and protection and open to all disease and evil from the world. There is no protection or blessing from God. 

Romans chapter one explains that there are natural ways, and that is how a man and a woman come together and continue in an intimate relationship, and when they stray from that they turn themselves against God. There is a right way and a wrong way to do things, and that includes in how and whit whom we have relationships.  


Click-I Corinthians 6:9-11   Click-Hebrews 13:4

There is right and wrong in every aspect of life.

There is right and wrong in every aspect of life.

God expresses Himself through His established entities

God expresses Himself through His established entities.

We are designed, established and commanded to produce.

We are designed, established and commanded to produce
Marriage between a man and a woman is the greatest manifestation of God’s salvation for mankind

Marriage between a man and a woman is the greatest manifestation of God’s salvation for mankind.

All things that are done outside and separate from God entities open the door for wickedness and disease to come in. 

All things that are done outside and separate from God entities open the door for wickedness and disease to come in.

If you want to have Christ in your heart, Trust Him and Believe in Him

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