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Scripturally Based Answers For life's Questions

AnswersIs There life After Death
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Answer-Is there life after death?

What happens to people after they die is a common question people ask, and it is totally reasonable to have that question, for every person’s soul has a longing to keep on living. We must consider a few things concerning this question:










The most unnatural thing a person will ever go through is death, the act of dying; it is contrary to the very makeup of humanity. There is no greater drive in people than the drive to live. There is an appetite, a hunger and a craving to live and taste the fullness of life, and yet, death is ever-present and declares strongly, continuously and clearly that it is coming for everyone.

CLICK-Ecclesiastes 8:8 says, 

 There is no resisting, no avoiding and no overpowering death, yet it is not normal or natural, not something man was designed to experience or created to go through. When God made people, He made them to live and enjoy life to the fullest, but what happened?

CLICK-Romans 5:12 tells us what happened,  When man decided to commit sin against God, death came into the world and passed on to all, for all followed in the path of sin. When we choose to sin, we do not realize that we are actually choosing death, just as Adam and Eve likewise did not know they were choosing death when they chose to disobey. But that is exactly what happened and still happens today, as people choose sin instead of God. Yes, we are born with a sin nature and death is already upon us when we come into this world, but death is our fault. We choose it by choosing sin instead of choosing Jesus as our hope for deliverance. God designed us to live and gave us life, but sin allows death to take us all. 









Death is scary, and one of the reasons for that is that nothing is known about what happens to people after they die. Those who die do not come back to give a report. Many wonders what happened to those that have already passed away and what will happen to the rest of us who are also destined to die. It is like a one-way black door into a place from where there is no feedback or communication. When there is a claim that a person has come back from the dead, the curiosity of people goes crazy; they want to know everything. Why? Because they want to know if there is any consciousness or source of life there, they want to know what they will face. The truth is, it is a scary thing for those who do not have salvation. CLICK-Hebrews 9:27 Death is followed by judgment; all who die will immediately face judgment for their actions, ways and decisions made in this short life here on earth. Yes, there is activity for all, but not all will face liberty and continuous life.

CLICK-Revelation 20:14, 15  For the unsaved, it is not the absence of consciousness but the absence of life. But...










Yes, death is scary and unnatural. It is always sad to have someone we love to pass into it, knowing that we, at an undetermined time, are going to face it ourselves, but there is hope. One does not need to be fearful. There are many passages in the Scriptures that address this hope: 

Truly, truly, CLICK-John 5:24-29


This does not mean that the person who believes will have his physical life carry forth, but God will give him a spiritual life, renewing and imputing eternal life into his soul. After this body decays, believers will receive a new body after the resurrection. There is a beautiful passage of Scripture in the Bible that describes this:


CLICK-I Corinthians 15:50-58   

There is another encouraging passage that tells of what happens to people, especially believers, after physical death. 

CLICK-Matthew 22:23-33


There is a common belief that has been developed by religious people that a person goes into an undetermined state after death, where he remains until his final state has been determined by God, based upon the prayers and sacrifices done by others on his part. This has deterred many people from seeking hope, forgiveness and salvation during their lifetime, but God says death seals all decisions and actions. Hope is fully available in Christ. Those who will repent, believe and give their lives over to Him will discover the benefits of that at the point of death. Death will fully seal them, and those who will reject God will encounter full condemnation at the point of death. Judgment is just on the other side of death, CLICK-Hebrews 9:27. 


Is there life after death? Yes, there is life. Death is not for the purpose of us passing into a state of nothingness but into a state of eternity. We choose before we die where we will spend eternity, either with God through the salvation He has provided through Jesus Christ, or separated from God in eternal condemnation because of rejecting His gift of eternal life.       

People were not designed or created to die.

People were not designed or created to die.

Death is full of the unknown. 

Death is full of the unknown. 

 There is hope.

If you want to have Christ in your heart, Trust Him and Believe in Him

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