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Scripturally Based Answers For life's Questions

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There are two forces in this world that are being used to motivate people into action. Every time a person does something, whether good or bad, he is motivated by one of these powerful sources. These are love and fear. God and those who serve Him seek to motivate people by loving them, and Satan, the world, the flesh and religions use fear to try to motivate their followers to action.


To understand love, we must understand it in a general sense, understand that there are many aspects to it.


There is:










A brotherly love is something that is expressed in the brotherhood. I love you because we are the same. We have many things in common, but most importantly, we are both men. It is not a love that loves beyond its own kind. It is a brother to brother, or sister to sister love. I have some friends that I love, and I love them because they are like me. This is one aspect of love.










This is a love that is primarily expressed between a man and a woman. This aspect of love is not like brotherly love that only loves equality, but this love manifest itself in those who are in many ways opposite like male and female, yet they belong together, they fit each other. To express such a love between two equals is a mockery of love, it is not an aspect of love that is supposed to be practiced between two men, or between two women. Such way mock love and ultimately are a mockery to God. It is beautiful, but only between those of opposite sex.










This is how parents love their children. They love them by caring for them, protecting them, providing for them etc. Children learn about love in the home from the parents by being cared for by them. A dad and husband must show his love for his children in a much different way than he shows his love to his wife. It is the same love, but a different aspect of it.








This is a love that is between siblings. Brothers and sisters often fight with each other, but when there is a threat to anyone of them, they will defend them at all cost. I can fight with my brother, but when you do, I will defend him. That is how siblings show that they love each other.









This is when a person, who has been given life by God, loves dead objects. Some people love their car, their house, their toy more than they love their family, friends, neighbors, and most importantly love God. It is unnatural and a mockery to “love” which comes from God. Living beings, especially people, must not love dead objects.

Click-I John 2:15-17













This is when a love relationship develops between a human being and an animal. It is okay for people to love animals, but they must not develop an affectionate relationship like people do with other people. We must respect animals, treat them properly, but not love them like we should love each other, and especially not love animals like we should love God. One of the ways that is evident when a people group goes into sin is they develop inappropriate relationships with animals. In some cases, they actually have greater affection toward them than toward each other. Click-Colossians 3:1 that we are supposed to set our affections on things above, the lowest should be our equals. Animals don’t have souls; they cannot love back. They are appetite and passion driven creatures, and must be treated like it.









This is a love that is the most natural for us, and that is loving ourselves. People often say that they hate themselves, but that is only that they hate what they are experiencing or that they regret what they have done. If they truly hated themselves, they would not even feel that way, it is actually declaring that they do love themselves. They hate what happened to them because they love themselves. God does not say that we should not love ourselves, He just says that we should love the other as we do love ourselves.

Click-Ephesians 5:28-29


Click-Luke 10:27








A love that is above and sufficient for all.


This is a love that is completely unnatural, for it is the ultimate love expressed by God giving His Son to die on a cross for a people that were in every way opposite to Him, and hated Him. God and people are opposite in every way: in character—God is holy, moral, just, righteous, clean, honest etc. To find those things in people is uncommon, and when they are found it is because they have them from God, not from themselves. In nature—He is God, supreme being; in full control of all He chooses to. We cannot even central our own actions. In position— He is in heaven, and we are on earth on our way to hell without salvation from Him. He loved us not because of who we are, especially who we were before salvation, but because of who He is. God wanted an intimate relationship with us, and was motivated by His supernatural love toward us. He loves us to have to cross all boundaries, loving when there was no natural way to love.

It is natural for people to love themselves, their family, their culture, their nations etc. But it takes God’s supernatural love to love a people that are cultural, geographically, characteristically, practically unlike us. If we want to love and reach the world, we need God’s supernatural love.

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If you want to have Christ in your heart, Trust Him and Believe in Him

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