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Answer—Separating From One’s PastSeparating From One’s Past
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Answer—Separating From One’s Past

Many people come to God after a life of sin, This is the best choice they can make, for Jesus said that He came to save sinners. Then those who are religious and believe themselves not to need salvation. People are saved when they have received the Lord Jesus as their Saviour, yet, people with a difficult past often find themselves struggling to break free from his past. The question is, how can a person be free from his past? The Word of God gives some important things to consider.










When we do not understand the position in which salvation places us with God, we will struggle to disconnect from our past. Spiritually, positionally, eternally we are connected to God through salvation. Salvation is not a change of life; although that is the result, Rather, salvation is a completely new life.


Click-II Corinthians 5:17.


Click-Galatians 6:15

Sometimes we try to use God s salvation to disconnect us from our past, but that does not work. Our past remains. When we are saved, we are already disconnected from our past. Now we must apply that into our everyday life. If I think I am still a sinner, then I will believe it is okay to sin some times. If, however, I believe the I am now a saint, then there is no excuse for sinning. When I do sin, I must confess it immediately.











Click-Romans 5:18-21

Before we were saved, sin ruled over us to the point of death. There was no overcoming it. Likewise, grace is ruling now, grace is dictatorial, like sin or the law, though.  Grace rules to the extent we submit to it by submitting to Jesus Christ. Grace comes from Him and will rule us in liberty as we submit to Him.








When we acknowledge and confess our sin regularly, we can continue to walk with the Lord in holiness. When we embrace sin, we become stuck in sin. We all sin, but we must not live-in sin our willingly go into sin.

Click-I John 1:8-2:3 This is explains this very clearly in Scripture.








Click-I John 1:5-7

When we walk with God in prayer, in His Word, in fellowship we are being purified, and the ways of the old life become undesirable.

Sometimes we want to purify ourselves, so God will accept us and bless us, but that does noes not work. God, who is holy, and when we spend time in His presence we likewise. Become holy  









As long as we spend time in environments that connect us to our past, to sin and worldliness, we will struggle with leaving our past behind. Christianity is made to be lived in a Christian environment; it is the only place where it functions properly.

Click-II Corinthians 6:14-18


If you implement these truths, you will start breaking free from your past and start growing in your Christian faith. If you have any more questions, please contact us.

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