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AnswersSadness & Despair
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Answer-Sadness & Despair

Sadness and despair are common struggles. People often believe they are sad or in despair because of the difficult situation they are in. Many people go through economic struggles, family issues, relationship problems, health issues or the loss of loved ones, and sadness does result from all of these. We must also remember that it is okay to be sad at times. Click-Ecclesiastes 7:2-4 There are people that live as though life is a party; they just want to have good times all the time and feel robbed of life when it does not happen that way. We must remember that it is hard times and battles that shape our heart and bring depth to our life. It is where people gain wisdom and make the most important decisions in life. Many people have given their lives to God during a time of sadness or have made decisions that helped them go through all aspects of life. Many people go to hell because they want heaven in this life here. The life that we have here is simply to choose God, through the redemption He has provided, and to prepare ourselves to spend eternity with Him. We must also remember that sadness is always temporal; it is just a time we go through. The Bible also teaches that we should be there for each other during such times.

Click-Romans 12:15 says,  If you are sad, surround yourself with happy people; if you are happy, find someone to encourage.



Despair is another thing. Despair stems from hopelessness. People can be courageous, energetic and strong during battles and difficult times, but only when they have hope. When there is no hope, there are no more reasons to move forward, to fight or to fulfill the responsibilities of life. There are a couple of reasons for this. One, a person is hopeless regarding their salvation; he does not know what will happen to him when he dies. There are many false teachings on salvation, such as teaching that the church can save, certain religions can provide salvation, a person can attain salvation through good or certain works, or one must join a certain cult or group to be saved. None of them bring any hope. If this is your case, please listen to the message below to see what God says in His Word concerning salvation. Hope can be found by simply believing in Jesus Christ and receiving Him as your personal Savior.


The feeling of in adequateness can also lead to despair. There is a story recorded in the Bible about Cain and Abel. Abel brought to God a lamb as an offering; God accepted him, and he went away rejoicing. However, Cain brought the works of his own hands; God rejected him, and immediately his countenance fell. God asked him why he was sad, and then He said to Cain, if he had done right he would also have been accepted. Cain felt inadequate because he did not trust in God. He wanted to prove that he was worthy on his own, but that only brought rejection and a sin-filled life.


There is also the story of Israel seeking to go into the Promised Land. They sent twelve inspectors into the land to see how they might be able to enter the land. Ten came back and brought negative news that discouraged the people. They took away the people’s courage by giving them negative news. Life is full of opportunities, and if someone tells us otherwise, he must not be given attention. We should not allow people to discourage us; discouragement can bring despair, for it strips people of the hope God provides. We are called to act in courage, not allow ourselves to be stripped of the courage that comes from believing God’s promises. 


How to deal with despair:










Click-I John 5:9-14,


Click-II Corinthians 5:4-10,


Click-Luke 12:4-7, 


When we know that we belong to God, for He says He has purchased us with His blood, then we have confidence and hope. We must start with believing in Jesus Christ and then receive Him as our personal Savior.









There are many things in life that seemingly contradict God’s promises, but God is still faithful. It looked like Israel was not going to be able to go into the Promised Land, and they failed when they tried, but God brought them in. God’s promises provide hope, and that hope takes us out of despair.











The Psalms are prayers of people going through difficulty, discouragement and despair. They provide hope as one sees how God responded to those that prayed and trusted in Him.  The book of Proverbs shows us the character of people, and that helps us to understand ourselves and the behavior of others. It explains why people do what they do, both good and bad, and that God has a better way, and that brings hope.

Confirm Your Salvation

Confirm Your Salvation

Believe God’s Promises

Believe God’s Promises
 Read the Proverbs and Psalms

Read the Proverbs and Psalms

If you want to have Christ in your heart, Trust Him and Believe in Him

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