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Scripturally Based Answers For life's Questions

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Click-II Corinthians 2:11 

We cannot blame him for all evil, for often we are the guilty ones, but all evil can be traced back to him. Satan He is the one that initiates, promotes it, and seeks to lead people into it.







Satan is the most powerful opposer to God. He was designed and created by Him, one of His most, if not the most, beautiful created beings. He was an angel and was given great power and authority by God, He was the ruler over the powers of the air, but he got proud and turned against God.


This is what God says about him.


Click-Ezekiel 28:12-19

There are only three instances where Satan is presented in person during the history of the ages. He always works behind the scenes and has his army of demons doing his work continuously, he is described as coming before God and going back and forth on this earth, in person, however, or working directly, he is only revealed three times. These descriptions are very important in understanding Satan.


Click-I Peter 5:8

He came to Adam and Eve to tempt them, and convince them to disobey God. He defeated the human race through them at that time.  He gained power over people, not fully, but great influence, He robbed them of distinguishing between truth and deception, right and wrong according to God and His ways. Through the sin of Adam and Eve he was able to trap the souls of mankind. He won the ballot that day.


He faced Jesus Christ, and used the same tactics he used with Adam and Eve, but Jesus, being God in the form of a man and knowing the Word of God perfectly, used that Word it to oppose and resist Satan completely that day. Jesus left that even victorious. What Satan used to overcome Adam and Eve, and through that the entire human race, did not work on Jesus. Satan did not lose his power over humanity at that time, but all his tactics were now in question, and he had been exposed. He had been put in his place.


He was fully declared defeated when Jesus came forth out of the grave. Death was his grip, but now that grip was gone.


He is condemned forever. Satan gets his last shot to bring the human race over to his side. He gets a chance to deceive the nations for a little time, and then God takes him and cast him into the lake of fire, where he spends his eternity in punishment for all he has done.


Click-Revelation 20:10










He wants God’s place. Satan knows no one is higher, no one is greater than God, Satan turned against God and started opposing him by trying to destroy Him and all that He does, simply to seek to take that place.  Satan wants to be God.


 Click-Isaiah 14:14


  • By enticing

Click-I Chronicles 21:1 

Satan cannot sin for us, but he will do all he can to try to entice us to do it, just like he did with Adam and Eve.

  • By accusing

Click-Zechariah 3:1-2

Satan does not want people to confess their own guilt, but he always accuses them before God for things that are not their fault, he tries to get people to believe they are guilty of things they are not. Making them feel useless and condemned.

  • By tempting

Click-Mark 1:13 

Satan uses all the flashiness and desirable thing of the world, including position, popularity and such, to tempt people into sin.

  • By deceiving

Click-Revelation 12:9 

  • By stealing, killing and destroying

Click-John 10:10 


What does he use?

  • He Uses People

Click-Matthew 16:23

Satan used Peter to oppose Jesus. It seemed reasonable, for Peter was thinking he was just being reasonable and supportive of Jesus, but Peter was being used by Satan to oppose Jesus.

  • Demons

Satan is sometimes called “Beelzebu” the prince of demons. He has an army of demons that he uses to oppose God and destroy people.

  • The world

He is called “The god of this world”

Click-II Corinthians 4:3-4

He has to get permission from God to do his damaging work. This is described in the book of Job chapters 1 and 2.











In Faith

Satan wants to destroy all people simply because they are God’s creation. God is the one that he opposes, but he is especially focused on destroying believers, who are People who are born again by the Holy Spirit of God according to the Word of God. Believers are the ones who can resist Satan through faith in God. 

Click-I Peter 5:6-9

When Jesus faced Satan, He resisted him by God’s Word.


Click-Matthew 4:1-11

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