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Answer (The Love of God)The Love of God
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Answer—The Love of God

From a human perspective, love is often defined as an attraction one has toward another person. We say, “I am in love with that person.” Because we are attracted to that person. Love surely does attract us to the special person, but attraction is not always rooted in love. Love is something altogether different and much deeper than attraction, though love often does express itself in such a manner. To understand love in a better way, we must understand what God’s Word says about God’s love.


God defines His love, which is brought to us through the person of Jesus Christ, as different from all other sources that surround it like a lily in the valley or an apple tree among wild trees of the forest.  The lily is surrounded by weeds and grass but rises above and brings a smile to the valley, one lily makes the entire valley worth looking at. The apple tree bears fruit unlike all the other trees of the forest, and, in the same manner, the love of God is above all other love.


Song of Click-Solomon 2:1–4 (ESV)













1.      A Perfect Love


Click-I John 4:18


God s love is good enough to love the worst sinner, the old person the young person, the rich, the poor - all people.


2.      An Everlasting Love


Click-Jeremiah 31:3


There is never a time when God will stop loving a person. A person does not always experience that love, just like a child that runs away from home. His parents still love him, but he does not receive that love while being separated from them.


3.      An Ultimate Love


Click-John 3:16


The word "so" talks about the magnitude of His love.  He loves to the full extent.  There is no holding back; God demonstrated His love by giving his one and only Son, to make us all sons (and daughters).


4.      A Giving Love


Click-I John 4:9-10


There was nothing that God holds back from us. Likewise, If we want to love people with His love, there cannot be anything that we are not willing to give for their well-being. If we hold back, we do not love with His love.


5.      An Active Love

Click-Romans 5:5-8


God pours His love upon His people. He love them on purpose. He does not just tell people He loves them, He actively loves them.

6.      A Compelling Love


Click-II Corinthians 5:14-15


It is God s love in us that motivates us to serve Him, reach people for Him, and love the unlovable

7.      An Initiating Love


Click-I John 4:7-11


Without God s love, I can only love myself.  Only His love can truly love others.


Just as God is the only source of life, He is the only source of love.  It is His love in us that activates us to love Him, and love others.  If we do not receive His love, we cannot love.

Click-Mark 8:35


Click-Luke 14:26













1.      Receive it

Without Christ, we do not have the love of God in us

Click-John 5:38-40


2.      Embrace it


Click-Jude 1:21


Click-I John 2:5


3.      Express it


If we have the love of God in us motivating us from within, we are believers and have Jesus Christ in us; we will do what he did because of the love that motivated Him.


Click-John 3:16 

He gave His life, so we must give ours.

·         By giving— Click-II Corinthians 8:7-9


·         By witnessing— Click-II Corinthians 5:14-15


·         By living right— Click-I John 3:13-18

The love of God:


What should we do with God’s love?

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If you want to have Christ in your heart, Trust Him and Believe in Him

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