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AnswersThe Supernatural
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Answer-The Supernatural

When we read the Bible, we see God continuously performing miracles, doing supernatural acts, supernaturally communicating with people, healing the sick, rebuking nature, etc. When Jesus came, He did wonders, miracles, and showed His power, authority, and supernatural ability over and over again. People were healed, the dead were raised, the wind was rebuked, and evil spirits were cast out in multitudes. That is God, and as born-again Christians that is Who the object of our faith is. But, what about the supernatural acts today? Does God still do that today? That is the question I will seek to answer in this article. On the other side of God’s miraculous works, when we look at the human race, we see hurting people by the thousands. People longing for healing, provision, and for God to show Himself again in that manner. We often think if God is good, then why are people suffering so much? Why is God not doing in me what He did in so many? People flock to those who promise healing, even to many whose teachings are false. The idea is appetizing and desirable, and people long for it. 


I think many would love to use God’s supernatural powers for their own benefit if they only could, and that is the real issue. They just simply want to use Him for their own well-being and glory without surrendering themselves to Him for His work, purpose and glory. God is a miracle-working God, but miracles are primarily about what He wants and secondly about what we need; what we want is not necessarily considered in what God does. What we want is important to God, but it does not determine how He works in our lives. God will do in us all we need to live and serve Him if we believe in Him, and that includes supernatural acts when necessary. If we can understand this and believe it, it will help us put God’s work from a proper perspective. Though we have a great need or desire, we must primarily consider God’s will in the matter.   


God has already done enough to prove that He can be trusted. He has the full right to request complete trust from us without doing any more supernatural or miraculous acts. We should believe Him and believe in Him before we look for any miraculous acts from Him. 


Here are a number of things we must consider concerning supernatural acts:









Click-Hebrews 11:1-6 is a faith chapter; the entire chapter speaks about faith. 

First of all, faith requires risk; what God requires from us to do by faith generally makes no human sense, for it does not seem reasonable. It always seems risky. Secondly, faith requires dependence, a full reliance on God. It is attempting actions that only God can do. We know that we cannot do what we attempt, but by faith we trust God to actually do them through us. Thirdly, by faith we must look forward to greater and spiritual things.


Click-Hebrews 11:8-10


Finally, by faith, we must also search for supernatural acts. There are people that only look for God in the natural world, and it is generally because they do not want to be challenged to have faith in Him beyond their natural understanding or ability. It is as easy for God to do supernatural works as it is for Him to do natural works, for us, it is just a matter of having faith in Him. We should expect God to do mighty works; that is faith. 










Click-I John 5:12-14,


Click-Proverbs 15:29 

God will never do anything that is not within the boundaries of His will. He will not do anything against His will. We often want God to do things simply because we want it done, or we think that He should do it, but that is not who God is. He is not someone that we can make do things as we please. People are frustrated with this, many even deny Him simply because He does not work in them as they please. God will be God and no one else. 









In every supernatural act God performs, He teaches a truth, an aspect of who He is and what He is doing for the redemption of mankind. He does not do miracles just to do them, there is always a truth that He is teaching, and when there is nothing to teach, He will not do any works. It is more important to God for us to know the truth about Him than to see Him at work. 


Click-John 8:31, 32










The apostle Paul had something in his body that was a great discomfort; the Bible does not tell us what it is, but Paul prayed for relief. He asked God three times, and the first two times God did not respond, but after the third time He said this: Paul responded with these words, Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 

Click-II Corinthians 12:9, 10 


God is a miracle-working God, and we should expect that from Him, but we must consider how He works for us not to have unfair expectations. Those who seek no miracles of Him don’t because they have no faith or are not willing to have their faith challenged, and those who demand supernatural acts also struggle with simply trusting God for who He is. Please consider Him and look for mighty things from Him. God bless you.



God’s Will 

God’s Will 

Declaring the Truth 

Declaring the Truth 



If you want to have Christ in your heart, Trust Him and Believe in Him

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