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AnswersThe Trinity
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 Answer-The Trinity

The Trinity—God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit—is something that seemingly causes a lot of confusion among people, yet in reality it does not. It actually brings a lot of clarity about God to those who are seeking Him. It only confuses those who want to question Him or fully understand Him before they make any kind of commitment to Him. The truth is, God is so vast and works in so many ways that understanding Him in three persons is much more understandable. He and His work are beautifully divided, yet completely interwoven, in the Godhead. This is not to say that this is the explanation of the Trinity, for it is much more than that, but when we consider it in such a manner, it does help us to come to a better understanding of it. People often wonder if there are three Gods, or one God in three persons, or what? The Scriptures call it the “Godhead,” Click-Acts 17:29,

Click-Romans 1:20, Click-Colossians 2:9. Three persons, yet when one traces any one of them, all three will lead to the same person. A person could trace the person and work of each—the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ the Son, and God the Father—and one would end up at the same point each time: God the Creator. The eternal God the Scriptures describe. 


For me, one of the best ways to understand the Trinity is myself. Yes, the explanation is actually within me. The Scriptures teach that God created mankind in His own image. Now, that image does not equal God the Creator in any way, but it does reflect Him in every way. Like God is three-in-one, so are we; body, soul and spirit. It is in no way three people, but one person in three aspects. Now, a person could trace the soul, the body or the spirit, and he would end up with the same person. That is how the trinity is—all the same person. When a person loses parts of his body, he does not feel like he is now an incomplete person, the soul and the spirit still declare him to be a real and full human being. 


Below are some ways the Trinity is described in the Scriptures.

Clearly stated: Click-I John 5:7; Click-John 10:30;

Click-Colossians 1:15-17; Click-John 1:1-18.

Verses that have the three of them working together, or they mention them together: Click-Matthew 28:19; Click-John 10:30-36;

Click-John 15:26;

Click-Ephesians 4:4-6; Click-I John 5:7-8; Click-Genesis 1:26;

Click-II Corinthians 13:14; Click-I Peter 1:2;

Click-Matthew 3:16, 17, and many more.

A beautiful study in the Scriptures is seeing how the Godhead works together, complements each other perfectly, and how they prepare the way for each other. Under the old covenant, the Father was working in the forefront and the Son was seemingly out of the picture, yet when the Son came on the scene the way had been fully prepared for Him. He had the perfect introduction, and every aspect of Him and His work had already been declared. All excuses for rejecting Him had already been removed by the Father. In fact, everything that the Father had been doing was describing, declaring and promising the Son. It was actually all about the Son, and then the Son came to earth to be in the forefront. Everything He did manifested the Father and prepared the way for the Holy Spirit. When Jesus returned to heaven, He said that the best thing for Him to do was to return, for all was prepared for the Holy Spirit. Then He said the Spirit will come from Him and the Father and He (the Spirit) will not speak of Himself, neither glorify Himself, but give full glory to the Son and declare Him perfectly. We know more about the Father from the Son and the Spirit than from the Father directly. They declared Him, complemented Him and prepared the way for Him, and we know more about the Son from the Father and the Spirit than from the Son directly. Likewise, the Son and the Father declare and clarify the Spirit to us more than the Spirit Himself. Jesus refused to speak about Himself; He always demanded that people go to the Father, as He said, “The one that sent me” to get their definition. The truth is, they are one, and that is beautifully illustrated in the Scriptures.  


Another way to be assured that all three are God, and the same God, is in their own sufficiency. Not only are they self-sufficient, but they are all-sufficient. None of them ever needed anyone or anything other than each other. They all demonstrated that they were fully sufficient of themselves, plus they demonstrated that they were all-sufficient. Everyone that has ever fully trusted in the Godhead has found full sufficiency in Him.   

If you want to have Christ in your heart, Trust Him and Believe in Him

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