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Answer (The Seventy Weeks)Answer (The Seventy Weeks)
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Answer—The Seventy Weeks of Danial

As we are used to using the word “week” in these days, we directly and only reference a seven-day period that starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. In the Scriptures, the word “week” signifies “a set of seven.” This can refer to seven years, seven days, or any set of seven periods of time. The word “week” is actually used more to describe seven years than seven days. This started with Jacob, he worked for Laban one week, seven years for his first daughter, Leah, but he wanted the second born daughter, Rachel, and Laban tells him to work another week, and he worked another seven years, fulfilling that week 

Click-Genesis 29:18-30

In Click-Daniel 9:27 when God told Israel that He would proceed with them for another seventy weeks before He was going to set up His kingdom with them, it was a reference to a 490-year period of time, broken up into three parts: The first seven weeks (49 years) would be until He was going to take them out of captivity, they were in captivity in Babylon at that present time. From there, there would be period of sixty-two weeks (434 years) and that would lead them to the point where the Messiah would be cutoff, or rejected. This was until Jesus was introduced to be their King, Click-Matthew 21:1-17 From thereon there would be another week (7 years) that would be a week of tribulation, and then Jesus would come and set up His kingdom.

This timetable does not line up. Why? Between the last two periods of time, where the Messiah (Jesus) was rejected, and where He would set up His kingdom, there is a period called “The times of the Gentiles” Click-Luke 21:24 Click-Romans 11:25 This period called “The times of the Gentiles” is an unspecified period of time that is not part of God’s working with Israel. There is not reference to how long this period will be. This is when Jesus said the gospel would be preach to all nations, Click-Matthew 24:14 This is the period of time that we are presently living in. It is called “The last days” Click-Acts 2:16-21 When will this time end? No person knows, not even the angels, or Jesus Himself, He said, it was a time that only the Father in heaven was aware of

Click-Acts 2:6-7

The promise is that God will fulfill His plan with Israel, and set up His kingdom with them, and the even greater news is that He is giving the entire world the opportunity to receive salvation through the King, Jesus Christ, and then be part of that kingdom

Click-John 3:3-8 Click-Luke 24:44-49 That is what God is doing presently, using His people to proclaim a message of hope, salvation, redemption to the entire world. I hope that you have already received the Lord. If not, please ask us for more information, and we will help you with understanding that. God bless.

If you want to have Christ in your heart, Trust Him and Believe in Him

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